Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chas loves Google!

We'll try to keep up with pictures, news, and funny stories.

While walking home from the park trails (Anthony was riding ahead on his bike with Daddy), Chas said the following:
"Mommy, you're my friend. You always play with me and eat with me and sit with me. You do anythings make me happy." What a lover he is- always kissing your hand, cheek, leg, whatever is closest. He recently talks a lot about Jesus. He said the other morning, "If I was with Jesus, I'd get him down and put bandaids all over where the nails were. There were nails in him, right?" He's so funny... and huge! He's 3 Sept. 10th. To Daddy's shagrin, he's having a Dora party. He doesn't care. Chas wants what he wants and could care less what anyone thinks!

Anthony is a GREAT big brother. He, too, can't keep his lips off of Starks. He is forever asking to hold and kiss him, and I know he'll always be in love with him. Anthony loves everything. He can't ever say he has a favorite- he might be hurting some feelings. So, his favorite color is "rainbow." He recently overcame uncertainty about biking and now LOVES to ride his bike around the block, to the park, or anywhere else! He's really reaching for more independence and loving that he can do more for himself and the family. He still tries to pull the "I'm just 4" card to get out of things he's not so interested in, but that's starting to wane. He's a GREAT little man, and all I have to do is go to the park to be reminded of that! :) How blessed we are here in the Laraway household.

Take care and watch for new posts!

We love you, The Laraways

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