Sunday, October 15, 2006

Finally a relaxing weekend!

Not that going to parties and being with family and friends isn't fun, but it is SO nice to have a relaxing weekend by ourselves. The weekend started with Pizza Night as usual, but since our new house is a little smaller with a different layout, we can't do the duck-duck-goose thing after dinner. So, it's been modified to playing the park afterwards, and they laid sod this week! It was nice to not be a khaki, dirty color after playing there. Then, we had Chinese school, of course, but NO other agenda! We did hit the Pumpkin in the Park Party after school Saturday morning, and then Russ and the boys headed to Best Buy while I reorganized the garage and Starks napped... what a great feeling rearranging! Dinner was great, bedtime early for everyone, and then off to church this morning! Today, the Eagles lost, but life slowly picked back up and continued on.... We played inside, outside, and all around. The evening culminated in a video after showers. Here are the boys revving up to eat popcorn (shook in a bag with sugar and cinnamon) and watch their "Dragon" video! Life is great! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Don't take the 3 o'clock train!

Well, when Daddy or I come back from a trip, the boys always request something little. This time, the stipulation from Anthony was "No Books!" So, I went with the mustaches and whoopie cushions. HUGE hits! Having the Italian genes, they may actually be able to grow one of these in about 10 years or so- and full growth in two days! :)

Do you think Chas will give me trouble? NO doubt about it! Anthony will be the mastermind... check them out.
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Sisters' Weekend!

Wow! I think this picture says it all. Deborah flew me out to surprise Shar for her birthday, but it was just as much of a gift to me as it was to Sharmane!

First, I need to thank my friend, Amy, for making it possible to leave early Friday as she watched the boys for us until Russ picked up Anthony from school. VERY nice! Well, I was so excited that I got an hour of solid sleep and 20-30" here and there otherwise the night before! I didn't even eat breakfast or lunch!? For all who know me, I LOVE to eat breakfast! I was just so excited that my stomach was dancing around.

I knew Deb as soon as I saw her, and we immediately started talking and hit it off! When we were about 10" from the house, I called Shar and started talking like always. Then, as we approached the house, I interrrupted and told her the reason I called was because I got my braces off. (They came off Sept. 20th- I saved the surprise!) She was so excited and kept talking, then I walked into the house to her room quietly. I said, "I can't wait to eat pizza!" She looked at the phone confused and then turned toward me, screamed, tackled me onto her bed, and laughed! She was so surprised, and Deb did a great job keeping this secret. I know it was difficult at times, but she pulled it off.

The weekend was all of the same... smiling, laughing, hugging, and pure happiness. That's the house norm there, and it feels so good! And, as I said before, this was as much of a gift to me! I got to shop with my sister- and without kids, play games, talk, hang out with her great friends, talk, shop, etc. PLUS, I got to meet Re, Deb's sister. Again, it was like I've always known her and could talk to her like we've been doing it for years. Plus, she gave me some insight into what's ahead in regards to the boys! Yowza. We were one big family, and it all came so easily.

With Shar and me, only the two of us will really ever know what it's like to be together, but I love who I am when I'm with her. She refuels me in a way that no one else can, and I learn more about myself each time I'm with her. Life is good! Thanks, Russ, for helping this all work out and having my time alone with Sharmane! How did I become so blessed and why?
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