Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thoughts of a 3yr old

So, we're at the park, and I'm pushing Starks in the swing. He LOVES to swing, especially when he's tired. He's not talking, and I start to think he just may fall asleep since he's being so quiet. It was a hot day! Then, he asks me, "Did God made the sky?" I said, "Yes, he did." "Did he make the swing?" I answered, "Well, he made the materials that go into US making the swing." "Did he make these?" pointing to the chains. "Yes, he made the metal that we use to make the chains." "Yeah, he made the trees... the bushes... the tickle thingys..." (He's referring to the ornamental grass that has soft, cattail like things growing from the center.) I answered, "That's, right, Starks. He made all of those things." He goes on to name all of his friends and people in his family that God made.

I absolutely LOVE these moments. I'm not sure if it's just knowing that these Timeless Truths are cementing themselves that makes me so happy or if it's just because he's so thoughful... thinking about the things around him. He notices the most wonderful things. The world stops for "Rolley Polleys," or pill bugs. He is so amused by all things that are alive. He wants to love them or touch them- whether they are plants, animals or bugs! I am sad to think about him growing up, but I see that it's coming!

Right now, he's putting together a 10 feet long ABC train puzzle, and he's singing the ABC song to keep himself on track as to what letter comes next. Does it get any better than this? These little songs filling the background. The tiny voice hitting the notes so well. I am ending this so that I can go give him a kiss. It usually comes out of nowhere for him- kisses and hugs, but hopefully some day he'll understand why he was randomly hit with love... it just has to happen at that moment!

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