Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's just been too long...

After camping, Russ and I went to NYC the following weekend for our 10yr anniversary. We had an awesome time and took in "The Lion King" again. We had seen it before having kids about 8 years ago, so it was neat to see it again- and still on Broadway. We also caught up with Russ' cousin, Matt, went to the Museum of Natural History, rode the subway, and just walked a lot as usual in that city. It's such a great place to be. NYC buzzes... we've all heard people say that, and it's just so true. Anyway, on the flight back home, Russ stayed in Denver, and I continued on home to San Jose.

My sister, Shar, had stayed with the boys while we were away. My friends were wonderful in bringing her to the beach with them, helping her get around as needed (though Teresa's not the best with directions), and just being the great people they are! So, after Shar picked me up at the airport on Sunday, we had to get to work! We were to leave the next morning close to 3:30am per my preference to Oklahoma. Only my sister and family is awesome enough to lure me to Oklahoma- and for two weeks! Anyway, the two day ride out was the best. I had my sister all to myself, and she was forced to hear whatever I had to say at whatever time for two days! :) We talked from 3:30 am until bed at 9pm! It was so much fun! The kids did a great job, and they loved swimming and riding bikes at the hotel midway through.

In Oklahoma, it's so hot that you really need to be wet if you're going to be outside. SO, we played early in the morning and then tried to do something inside an airconditioned place or in the water. We went several times to the pool, the water park in OKC, Travertine Creek (It's begun by two natural springs that spill over 3-5 million gallons of cold water a day.) to play in the water falls, Andy Alligator's (It has a rock wall to climb, water boats, go carts, putt-putt, and arcade inside.), Little River Zoo, backyard for the slip n slide, parks, and then the university to just run indoors in cool air! We had the best time! As you can see in the pictures, everyone had fun! Click on the picture to the left to see the whole album.

Russ joined us for 4 days, and then the two of us rode back home. Again, swimming in the hotel pool, was a huge hit. I think I may have won Russ over on this travel thing! It could've been the Mojave desert talking, but he was at one point talking about driving to Flagstaff to camp and see the Grand Canyon! YAHOO!!! I love it!

By the way, we returned home on a Tuesday, went to the beach with friends the next day, and just have continued to enjoy the best summer yet! More beach, and more beach to come. Being landlocked in OK made me appreciate more the opportunity I have to be at the beach in 40 minutes. So, I'm going for all of you landlubbers!

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