Monday, April 28, 2008

Conversation at the dinner table between Anthony (7) and Chas (5)

Chas to Mommy: Google isn't a low number.... unless it's negative Google.
Mommy: That's right, Chas.
Anthony to Chas: Yeah, but what's negative Google minus 56?
Chas: I don't know.
Anthony: Negative Google and 56. (big smile) It's like -1 minus -3 equals -4.

Mommy to Anthony: How did you know that? Who told you?
Anthony: I know it is. If you take away from a negative number, it gets even smaller.

Now, I know for sure that I did not learn this in 2nd grade. I know for sure that he didn't learn it from his teacher. It's just Anthony's mind... always thinking and working. I love it!

Oh... instead of another post, I should add this here. :)

Anthony is afraid of falling and therefore riding his 2 wheeled bike. He has done it before, but for some reason, this fear has surfaced hindering him from getting back up on the seat. So, I told him that night to pray for God's help, to take away his fears, to give him strength, etc. He then asked a few minutes later what God sounds like. I told him that people hear God differently. Some just know what he wants from them by the way they feel inside, others hear him through his words or a song, and some may even HEAR him at some point. He is on his knees in bed kind of wiggling around, and he bends over with his hands in his lap. Then, he bolts up and says, "I just heard God!" I replied, "You did?" Anthony says, "Yeah. I asked him when I'd have those hotdogs with cheese in the middle, and he said May 15th!"

You had better believe that we will be eating those hotdogs (and buying them in next week) on May 15th! :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Funny Man

So, Russ was doing a crazy tai-chi/thespian dance last night while singing, "You're a freak show." Anthony and Chas, of course, were being crazy during dinner, and this inspired Daddy to sing and dance. At the end of this slow motion posing/dancing, Russ started into a different, more cheer-like, dancing while alternating arms and legs to the side- still singing the song. When Russ seemed to be closing out his song and dance, Chas says, "Wow... where's my popcorn?"

To this, we all erupted in laughter, and I'm not really sure he knew WHY it was so funny. He continued to say the line, but as we know, it was the comedic timing and spontaneity that made it so funny. He is much like his father. :)

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