Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anthony's 9th Bday Party

Here is a link to the photo album from Anthony's party! It was SO much fun! Who knew that an intercom system could entertain kids for almost two hours! :) It was announcing mini "shows," who was "it" in tag, and giving play by plays for the games that drew them into it. They played SO well, and the girls are all so awesome. Russ had more fun than they did just watching them play together and interact. VERY cute. The boys spent the night, and in the morning, we went for donuts and Starbucks before dropping each one at their home. :) Anthony thoroughly enjoyed his party and having his friends over. So did Russ and I!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holidays and such!

Yeah, I have not been on top of posting here given Facebook is so much more convenient of a way to share the latest crazy thing that Starks said or pictures that I've taken of them. BUT, I know it has been requested that I share Anthony's birthday party pictures here! So, here it goes.

Our Christmas was absolutely wonderful with Russ home the entire two weeks with the boys and me. We relaxed in pjs, had our first version of Christmas Eve's 7 Fishes, enjoyed a blessed Christmas day, saw our Anthony turn 9, jumped on trampolines at Sky High three different days, and much, much more! Because Anthony's birthday is the 30th, we usually celebrate it with friends a weekend following, but we do a great celebration on the 30th as a family. This year he wanted to see the King Tut exhibit in SF and have a Ghiradelli sundae. So, we took the train up to the city, transfered to the Metro, and then finally took a bus over to Golden Gate Park. :) That alone was enough adventure. However, everything went well, and the kids loved it. Anthony enjoyed his day, and the King Tut stuff was sufficiently interesting! We left at 8:30am and got home at 9:20! LONG but Great day.

For his birthday celebration with friends, he had requested a shaving cream fight. This is the link to it on YouTube.

I will post on Picasa a web album of the party, and will follow up with a link.


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