Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Big First!

Well, my sister and nieces have been visiting for the past two weeks, and I promise to write and post photos of this great visit. However, today I must tell you about Anthony's first birthday party ALONE. His friend, Zachary, turned 6 on Monday, and his party was held today at a putt-putt place. Zach invited his close friends- all his age- without their brothers! I told Anthony last night about his adventure planned for the next day, and he was excited all morning!
He had a great time, and true to himself, he played in his own world ahead of the others while his friends played alongside each other at each hole. It was his first time playing the game of miniature golf, too! He LOVED it. Apparently, there's a side for older kids that was boring and a side for younger kids that was awesome. In fact, he felt VERY strongly about it and even had voices and a conversation that might be held between the two sides. :) He talked 90 mph about his afternoon, and he was SO excited. The cake was good, too... "it had strawberries in the middle."

He was given two aiplanes- so he could pass one along to Chas- as a gift from Zachary, and he even couldn't wait for Chas to wake up and choose his... Anthony is so sweet and thoughtful about Chas' not being involved that he wanted to make sure Chas got first pick. "I'd be ok with either one, so I think Chas should pick." How sweet is THAT, I ask you?

Thanks to Jenni and Darren for letting us drop off our sons to share in such a special day where they could be themselves without parents or brothers, and they could have fun independently! Happy Birthday, Zachary!

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