Sunday, February 25, 2007

Together again, tired

Russ returned from his trip to Dublin on Friday, and V and the boys returned from Sharmane's OK abode late Friday night. Everyone was tired. The boys were up hours past their bedtimes - arriving after 10:00 PM in San Jose meant they were up past 12AM Oklahoma time. They came off the plane, Starks asleep in V's arms and Anthony and Chas both sleepy-eyed, blankets in tow.

We loaded up the van and headed for home. Fast routine - change into PJs and go to sleep. Russ and V retired and crashed, both exhausted. Russ had been up for well over 24 hours by the time everyone got to bed Friday night. V had spent a week chasing after the boys and flying takes a lot out of everyone.

On Saturday, we hit the mall to get a new pair of sneakers for daddy and some breakfast for those of us who did not make our own oatmeal in the morning. Everyone got a Jamba Juice: 1 Mango-a-go-go, 2 Grape Escapes, and 1 Acai Super Charge. Starks enjoyed a sip out of everyone's cup. After that, we headed to HP Pavilion to watch Disney on Ice's presentation of The Incredibles. Starks, like his brothers, was mesmerized. Disney does such a great job.

After the show, we headed to the park across the street for some climbing and fun.We wore our Irish colors, perhaps as a pre-cursor of things to come and perhaps in support of the Irish side, which played (and spanked) England at Croke Park on Saturday. In 1920, the English did not permit the Irish to play Gaelic Football, and upon discovering a match at Croke Park, they fired on the crowd and players, killing 14. They had not played at Croke since then... until Saturday February 24th. The Irish won 43-13. It marked the largest margin of victory over the English in history, surpassing the 22-0 of 60 years ago. 82,000 people attended and rumors swirled that tickets were being scalped for >3,000 Euro per pair.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Japan Trip

Good trip to Japan. Got to spend some time with Kouji Yanagida, our newest AdSense manager and one of my brightest stars, Lavina. We even got to have a the best Sushi - EVER - with Uchiyama who is literally one of the top 5 collectors of Polaroids in the world and planning a museum in his new 8-room house.

Looks like AdSense Japan is in good hands between steady and ever-present Uchiyama, Lavina, and now Kouji. Google Japan has some exciting plans and are poised to have what I believe will be a breakout year, as we continue to gain search share on Yahoo!.

Enjoy a few pictures - one of Google Japan's sign and one of my Thursday night dinner.

Not to worry, t tasted a million times better than it looks.

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