Friday, November 02, 2007

Seoul, Korea - Beijing, China - Tokyo, Japan

Anthony's whirlwind tour of Asia ended on Halloween at SFO. He managed to sleep most of the plane ride- in Business Class- which made it manageable for him to stay awake the day here. He loved his trip, and from what I've gathered, I believe he liked Japan most, then Korea, and finally China. Beijing isn't a beautiful city, so we think that's why he wasn't impressed. Korean women LOVED him, couldn't stop touching him or doting on him, and thought he was adorable. The food was good, too, so I can understand why he enjoyed his day there! Japan women, too, thought he was just the cutest, and the city was very pretty. Of course, before leaving, he was most excited about sushi in Japan, and he certainly got his fill! He loved the fish uterus- and all the other sushi, and he loved the hot pot style dinner of steak, also. I have NO idea where he gets this love of food! ;) In China, he had fun, too, and they got a personal trip to the Great Wall and attended a Halloween Party! Roy's wife even bought him a Transformers Costume that lights up!! How sweet is that??!!
Anyway, since Halloween night, he has pretty much been in a haze and has not slept well at all! (Daddy letting him sleep until noon yesterday didn't help, either!) So, today he's totally wiped out and started a stomach bug at the same time. Poor little man! When he's feeling better, I hope to get more details about his trip. Until then, check out his pictures!
Click on the picture below of them prior to leaving:


Well, Anthony returned with Daddy on Halloween and strongly fought sleep all day to trick-or-treat that night. Daddy passed out candy while I took the boys around our development and neighborhood. It took Starks a couple of houses before learning what to do. I think he had 5 packages of 1/2 eaten candy by the time we got home. He would open one and eat from it before getting another, more interesting package at the next house. Very cute. The boys had a lot of fun, and we actually got them to bed on time. Amazing! Here are our Alien Gouhl, Spiderman, and Curious George.

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