Sunday, September 09, 2007

Anthony's First Lost Tooth!!!

Well, as you can see, this was Anthony as proud as can be. He felt his tooth was loose last night while he had his friends over for the night. He excitedly came downstairs to tell us that he felt his tooth was loose. Indeed, it was! So, he chewed gum twice today, ate steak (and tore it with his front teeth!), and wiggled it all day. The result:

Anthony's FIRST LOST TOOTH!!!! I cannot even begin to say in words exactly how overwhelmed he was tonight. He just wanted to see the space, play with the baby tooth, talk about it coming out, what it felt like, and what the tooth fairy might leave, and just have us close to him sharing his amazement. Since starting school last year, he has seen all of the kids around him (and I mean ALL) lose teeth. Kids younger than him are losing teeth! He has asked many times when HE will lose his. To finally make it to one more step toward getting older has made him so proud!
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