Sunday, December 06, 2009

Life Update

Since the last blog, we have had Halloween and Thanksgiving, and we're getting close to Christmas! :) Halloween was a blast and week long celebration. Party on the Robertson's street (see group picture) started it off, then Googleween, School Parade, and finally Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We were, as you can see, from Mario Bros. (Princess Daisy, Mario, Luigi, "Dry Bones" and Yoshi) I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, but when you have kids, you kind of are forced to love it. I still refuse to decorate in things macabre.

We flew to Oklahoma to stay with Aunt Sharmane, Daniel, Kare and Alyssa. It was awesome, as usual, despite the fact that the four of us (boys and I- Russ was in Australia) were on our way back to health. At Shar's BFF's, the boys played with her boys, shot BB guns, roped sheep and goats, played and ate "puppy chow" snacks. (If you've never had it, it's awesome! Chex, peanut butter chocolate, and powdered sugar= yum!) We swam at the YMCA a couple of times (Anthony and Chas passed the swim test to go off the diving boards and slides), ate lunch with Shar and the girls on various days, played and climbed trees in the park outside of her back yard, and had fun playing different games each night after dinner! The last day culminated in a trip to Wichita Refuge and The Holy City. We saw herds of buffalo and longhorns, climbed a boulder mountain, and enjoyed our food at Meers Burgers! We loved every day and all of our time with our family- and Paco!

For Thanksgiving, we stayed home. It was wonderful and relaxing. We had put up the tree the weekend before, so it afforded us a stress free four days together! At dinner on Thanksgiving, I realized as we laughed and listened to the boys that had we been with anyone else we would have missed out on that. I love that they are such talkers as they get older. And, I want to listen to it for as long as they'll talk. I realize that it MAY not always be the case. So, we'll soak it all in for now!

Yesterday was Starks' first practice for Basketball at the Y. Anthony and Chas did "Little Hoopsters" when they were 5 and 3.5 years respectively, and I was eager to see how Starks would do. He was really good at his skills, but about 45" into it, he was DONE with the noise. He wanted to leave, and I couldn't blame him. Maybe we'll try ear plugs next week? It was the kind of noise from 6 teams of kids playing in the same gym with their parents talking... there was never a break. :) Anyway, I wanted to post some pics of him playing
and one with his BF, Adam,

and one of the other two at that age together. :) Enjoy!

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