Monday, January 26, 2009

Our budding Director

OK, so whenever Anthony is asked what he wants to be when he grows up, guess what he says. "A Director at Google" like his Daddy. However, we feel he'll be another kind of director! That may relate to marketing at some point, or it may just be thoroughly creative, but for now, it's growing. He is VERY attentive to all things around him, and he'll often comment on how someone should make a commercial, or how he's heard a particular sound effect used in different ways in movies, or he'll make up a story line. He has started many comic books, and he's just a creative kid!
So, I thought you might enjoy these two videos.

This first one is before his Winter Music Program at school. We had picked up Russ from the airport, and since we only had an hour or so before we needed to be at school, we headed straight to McD's for dinner. While eating, he had an idea for commercial. It was handy that the video camera was with us for his coming program, so we taped him telling his idea for the McNuggets commercial!

The second is just him explaining to me a "movie" he watched in Sunday School. They watch a movie that relates to the Bible verse and story for the day. He LOVES it! Anyway, this one he had to reenact for me. Very cute, and he's oh so comfortable in front of the camera! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brothers and Bubbles

Last night, when Russ opened Anthony's door to check on the boys before going to bed, this is what he saw. He called me in to see them all lying haphazard in bed, and I just had to take a picture! You see, Chas and Starks have bunk beds in which they never sleep. They are made and usually unmade during playtime with friends, but they are not slept in unless we have a sleepover. Instead, Anthony asked and still wants his brothers in his bed. So, last year we bought a bed rail to fit his bed so they would not tumble out, and they all sleep together. It is punishment if we threaten them with "you'll sleep in the other room." Of course, as you can see, Starks is in the middle as to shared by both older brothers. Everyone wants a piece of him. Almost as if he knows intuitively while he sleeps, he is simultaneously touching them both! I love it! Having slept with my sister until she moved out of the house, and then still together when we see each other, I LOVE that they are together. Why do we think it's any different for kids? I mean, don't we as adults want someone beside us in bed as opposed to sleeping alone? But I digress...

Now we come to today! Daddy and Chas left on a bike store trip, so Anthony and Starks decided after riding bikes to play with the bubbles. They began making a blob! They giggled as it shook and changed shape with the wind. Very fun!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This one's for you, East Coast!

So, the weather here in Cali has been gorgeous.... 70's all week last week, and it will remain the same up until Wed. of this next week. Now, have we been in a drought for many years? Do we need rain? The answer to both of those questions is "Yes!" However, since the weather can't be controlled, we have rejoiced in this sunshine. AND, since the much of the country has been in a ridiculous cold snap, we thought it our responsibility to go to the beach for those in parkas. :)

We went down to Monterey and parked in our "usual" parking lot that puts us right on the bike path. It's not far at all- maybe a couple of blocks- 'til you get to beach entrances. So, we rode down, walked the bikes onto the beach and played for a LONG time! The kids were COVERED in sand, and everyone (minus Russ) had wet shorts to some extent! Chas is not a big fan of wet shorts- especially covered in sand, but they quickly dried off when we got back on the bikes to ride.

We rode down the path past the Cannery, and stopped off twice to climb rocks, throw rocks, and dare the waves to hit the boys. :) We started the ride back to the truck, and all-in-all, it was 4.5 hours of playing and fun with no agenda! The day could not have been better (other than a little less whining on the ride down and home from Starks... totally bored with the drive).

So, here are pics and videos of our day!

I put the pics on Facebook! Let me know if you don't have a profile, and I'll send them to you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Feel it? Do you feel the awesomeness? :) We certainly did today. It was in the low 70's here, and it was a gorgeous day! After picking up the boys from school, we headed straight to the park. We played for over 1.5 hours- tag, taking turns swinging, digging in the sand, etc. It was nice to be barefoot in the sand, but I can say personally that my tootsies were tender! I had no idea that my calluses from summer had already faded away.

Anyway, from the park, we went to Pizza My Heart for "Make your own pizza night" for kids. The boys have been asking about going since September, and we had an opportunity- since Friday won't be the usual pizza night at home this week. We totally did not take this day for granted! We enjoyed it thoroughly, and the oldest two boys were actually so very happy with each other. I love the picture here of Chas lying in Anthony's lap on the swing... bare feet peeking out from the side are Starks'. I think at one point Anthony and Chas were acting out "What's Opera, Doc" from Bugs Bunny. SO CUTE!

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