Saturday, January 21, 2006


Well, Anthony and Chas had their first basketball practice today with the YMCA. They received t-shirts and their own basketballs. Anthony was actually a leader at some times and daydreaming at most others! :) He enjoyed himself and did very well. Chas reminded us that he's only 3. Because he is so eager to be older much of the time, he reads, and he speaks so well, we forget he's 3 years old. So, he enjoyed himself in the beginning but also wanted to visit Mommy on the sidelines, talk to her, play on his own, etc. However, he did very well, too. They learned dribbling, passing, shooting, and taking turns! The class encourages parental involvement, so you know Russ loved it. I couldn't stop laughing at how cute they all were. It was great! When the coach asked if anyone knew how to do a jumping jack, Anthony answered, "I DO!" So, the coach let him show the others, and it was so funny! Anthony jumping straight up with his legs together but arms clapping above his head and all the children following his direction! Too cute.

THEN, Starks has been toying with the notion of crawling. He rocks on his hands and knees, scoots, and loves to lift one hand while on his hands and knees. Show off! Well, tonight he decided he'd had enough of practicing and just crawled away from Daddy. Good timing in that Mommy went through toy bins today throwing away choking hazards and reorganizing things! Nice job. Since his Birth Day, he's been waiting until I was ready first. Very thoughtful, don't you think? Anyway, it was a great day! (Plus, V got a cinnamon dulce latte- decaf, of course, so you know it was good!)

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