Thursday, February 09, 2006


I didn't get my braces off yesterday after showing the orthodontist some things I wasn't happy with, and he said he didn't notice them before but agreed they should be fixed. SO, we're in braces for another 4 weeks at least. ARGHH!!! That's OK, after having them this long, I just want them to look right.

However, better news for Starks. He gained 1 pound and 3 ounces in two weeks and made the GI Dr's very happy. She'll see him in another three weeks, then I'm hoping to not see them for a couple more times if at all. We know why he wasn't gaining weight before, and he's so darn active now that it's hard for him to pack it on! BUT, we're accomplishing that with butter, oil and calories. SO, he's 14# and 1 ounce. I love him being so small. He can crawl easier and will probably walk sooner because he doesn't have as much to haul around! He's doing the one arm hold on things... testing. And, he hasn't figured out how to sit back down when he stands, so I can stand him up anywhere to keep him in one place. So, at lunch today, I went to the restroom at Johnny Rockets and just stood him with his hands on the wall when I washed my hands. BUT, he decided to take his hands off to stand on his own. Then, he plopped his hiney down when he wasn't balancing anymore. SO, there goes that tactic! It's only time before he's walking, and I have to say it'll be fun!

Anyway, Russ is still feeling horrible with his poison ivy, so keep sending love!

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