Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What a family

I love my family. I really just can't stand it sometimes how great it is to be a Laraway. Now, I'm talking about the five of us here in Cali, but I have to say, that the Sr's are fun, too. ReRe's birthday is tomorrow, and she had a birthday celebration at Buca DiBeppo's on Saturday. So, we received a call from her dinner party with the usual expletives unique to the family... "Smelts" "Chicken Broccoli" "Flouncy" "Stay out of the damn wet" "Broccoli Rabe" and the list goes on. Now, everytime ReRe hears these, she laughs like it's the first time she's heard them. It's great! So, the phone call was all of these crazy Italians yelling stuff in the background, usual background noise from a restaurant, and ReRe laughing. These shouts kept coming, so she kept laughing and could not even get out a sentence! Doesn't that sound awesome?! I love it. I have no doubt it was the best birthday celebration and she was filled with love! I laugh just thinking of the scene and wish I could've been there laughing along with them.

So, Russ had a 3 day weekend like most, and we just enjoyed ourselves! Lots of outdoor playtime, bike riding, picnics, and together time was spent during those days. I love it. I love that my husband honestly just wants to be with us no matter what we're doing. "So you have to go grocery shopping, well, let's go." He can't stand grocery shopping, but if it means we're together then so be it. It's great!
We're great here. We're excited for our ski trip this weekend with our friends, The Stapletons. They just returned from Antigua for two weeks and are now heading to snow?! So, we'll try to get the kids on skis, play in the snow, and keep our sanity juggling 3 kids 5 and under! We'll let you know how it goes.
I hope you all enjoy your families, too and are reminded daily of what blessings these children are to our lives, spirits, families and world.

hey i like how the kids finger/footpaint
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