Monday, May 29, 2006

Five Meter Camping Trip

Anthony, Chas, and daddy ventured out to the wild...
where the fences stand tall, where the grass meets the patio, where the bird feeders hang high against the sky.

They packed their gear - sleeping bags, popcorn, flashlights, portable DVD player, and The Incredibles.

It was a good camping trip, lots of fun, even though daddy was crammed into the tent like a sardine, and the incessant coughing sounded like a flock of Canadian geese heading south for the winter.

Chas awoke at 8AM, and Anthony at 9AM, which never, ever happens for any reason. If we were to put Chas to bed at 6AM, and he'd still wake up before 7AM. We aren't certain, but we think we gave birth to a couple of roosters. Daddy does, afterall, have chicken legs.

Perhaps the best part of the camping trip, though, was the anticipation. The moment daddy agreed to do it, Anthony stripped off his clothes to get ready for his bath. Chas' voice inflection was noticeably variable, unable to contain his excitement. Anthony jumped around like a naked flea at the dog pound.

Anthony wanted to watch Mulan, and Chas The Incredibles. We flipped a coin - Heads for The Incredibles, and Tails for Mulan. This marks the first ever coin flip used to choose between competing interests in the laraway household. It went well; daddy expected the loser to flip out - pun intended - but when it landed on Heads, Anthony only made minor protests. "That's not fair," he muttered, but daddy explained that it couldn't possibly have been any fairer, even if we used a computer generated randomizer.

The boys enjoyed themselves, mommy was a little bit jealous, and Starks was missed. We're now ready for our big August camping trip with a number of other families. The best part of which, of course, is that daddy gets to wear his Leatherman on his belt, bring all of his knives, make a fire, and like the Pope himself, poop in the woods.

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