Friday, December 22, 2006

Ice Skating in San Jose

We had fun ice skating in downtown San Jose. Perhaps most importantly, FINALLY, Mommy was able to cross "Ice-Skating" off of her List-of-Things-To-Do-Before-She-Dies, and we're thankful that the ice skating didn't leave us with a list full of unfulfilled intentions! Next up: Hot Air Ballooning.

Anthony did pretty well, considering it was his first time. I am impressed with his increasing desire to try things that are a bit more daring. It's fun to watch his confidence grow around the more physical stuff. Chas, well, didn't really like the feeling of being out of control, which is a euphemism for sore butt. He fell a bunch, and probably bruised his pride more than his tail bone, but nonetheless, he'd had it early and hung with Starks a Daddy. Speaking of Starks and Daddy... we had fun playing near the art museum, while Mommy and Anthony putt-putted around the rink. Starks was able to chase a couple of pigeons and maneuver up and down the art museum's steps. He shrieked with joy a few times, so I think he had fun.

All in all, we had a really good time!

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