Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 6 in Cape May

Well, after some breakfast, we quickly headed to the beach. By this time, Starks would wake up and ask for it right away. "Beach, Mommy!" The surf was mellow, and we were all quite comfortable in the water past the breakers. On occasion, there is that set that breaks just a little earlier than the others, and Starks kind of enjoyed running up to the growing wave and jumping just in time before it lapped his face! Anthony especially was comfortable bobbing around, and Chas was more daring. Of course, we also made our trips out of the water to paint ourselves with sand, too.
As you can see, the boys loved having sand all over them. Daddy stayed out with the boys at the beach while Mommy and Starks heading back to the house. Mommy got some early packing done and did some laundry, and Russ and the boys got to play a couple of hours more! We were touch and go on who and when people were coming down. Matt and Kristen decided to make the trip from outside the city (NYC) to the southern most point of New Jersey! Wow! While they were battling traffic, we ate some nice dinner, had someone FINALLY take a family picture of us- note the beard growth after 7 days of not shaving, and bought some Cape May gear!
We met up with Matt and Kristen in Washington Square, walked around a bit and headed back to the house to chat. A few beers, some wine, and catching up made for a very nice final evening at the shore! Anthony was having fun taking pictures all week, and this was a nice one he caught! We had a lot of fun with them, and we were taken aback by the long drive they took to see us. Are you feeling the love?
Thanks Matt and Kristen, for hanging out with us and sharing your weekend! Chicken Broccoli!!!!
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