Friday, December 14, 2007

Chas' Thanksgiving Feast

This was the seating for Chas' Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast. All five K classes gathered dressed as either pilgrims or Indians. Some of us parents help set up the room and served on each plate the following: turkey, grapes, pumpkin pie, a muffin, craisins, raisins, and popcorn. They also had a juice bag/box to drink. Each class sat down and listened to Chas' teacher sing a song (It was TOTALLY a prayer!) about blessings from God. You can see them here counting the blessings on their fingers as they sang! I was almost moved to tears. Had it not been so cute and surprising, I probably could've! Chas had a lot of fun, and you could tell that the kids thoroughly enjoyed their special meal and time together. I loved being a part of it and seeing it happen. I gave special Thanks to God for being home and available for these blessings!
I had also been able to go on their field trip to the Deer Hollow Farm. There, we hiked in to the ranch and learned, pet and saw sheep, goats (one even being milked), chickens, pigs, rabbits, and got to taste a carrot pulled from the ground right there from their garden! It was a chilly day, but the kids had SO much fun! The bus ride was enough enjoyment for many of them, so to add animals to that, it was a very SPECIAL day!
This was a pumpkin that Starks painted in class at Leaders one day. He LOVES to paint, is very proud of every piece of art, and loves to carry them around. This once was tied with green yarn, but it somehow was opened one day spilling out the styrofoam popcorn inside. Thus, we took a picture to save and threw the pumpkin away! :)
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