Thursday, October 23, 2008

Starks' story

Starks has such an active imagination. He hears his brothers weave these yarns in the back seat of the van, and he has caught on to the whole "made up story" thing. I call most of his stories Run-On Stories. It's a never ending flow of consciousness! Here's one that happened two weeks ago:

"Memember when Jacob was a baby. I was holding him, (showing me with cupped hands just how small.- Jacob is 8 years old.) and I dropped him down on a rail? He said, 'What? A crocodile's biting me!' ... and he was a talking baby...."

I absolutely LOVE these stories. They occur almost daily, and this one just happened to have been written down! Chas loves to ask me to "Imagine there was a baby. And he was 3 months old. And he jumped out of his stroller and ran 3 miles in 3 minutes and won." "What if there was a baby. And he was just born. And he got up and walked down the street to a car and started driving the car." Now you can understand where the ideas come from in Starks' stories!

LOVE it! God, I miss you guys! Need to see each other sometime. Kiss my Godson, and your other two cuties for me!
That is hilarious! :-)
I love it!! He sounds just like James! Here's a conversation from today:

Andy: I always want chick-fil-A after church on Sundays.

Me: That's cause chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays and you want what you can't have

James: Yeah Daddy, chick-a-lay closed. Oh I got it! You get up tomorrow when the sun come up and go to chick-a-lay and get fren fries and bread and then you come home and go to nap and then wake up and then..

WOW! And he just kept going! The revelations of a 3-year-old never cease to amaze me :o)
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