Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stomach Bug, but still so cute

Starks started vomiting this morning at 2am... then 3:15... then 5am. When he was done, he lay back on me and said, "This is bad." I agreed and just stroked on him and loved on him. Then he went on to say, "When we have breakfast, I'm going to plug it up!" LOL. This child is the cutest!
It wasn't but about 20 minutes later that he had more dry heaves and asked, "How can I get it to come out?" I scooped him up, brought him downstairs to the couch and gave him an Otter Pop. About 20 minutes after THAT, he threw up the Popsicle and asked "WHO is doing this?!"
Poor baby. It IS bad to get sick.

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